Ajouter info Site Officiel: TortoiseMerge scrolls the views automatically when selecting with the left mouse button down. Rédacteur de la fiche: Old Version Traduit avec Google Translate. RapidSVN, client SVN complet pour gérer ses dépôts sous linux n’est cependant pas directement intégré avec le système de fichier. Helper dialog to resolve property conflicts.

Nom: tortoisesvn 1.6
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 40.32 MBytes

Il m’est arrivé plusieurs fois que le système se bloque: The copy-from url in the Check-for-modifications Dialog was wrong for single files. Il y a aussi les fonctionnalités avancées de création de tags et de branches. Depuis la version 1. Column in the check-for-modifications dialog to show the lock date. Ajouter info Site Officiel:

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Ajouter info Travaux sur: Totoisesvn info Site Officiel: Libre de spyware, adware et virus. Culminating over 9 months of development effort, this is the best release of TortoiseSVN yet, and delivers powerful features, including: Ignoring of multiple selected items by their extension. See issue for details. The log dialog allows filtering by bug-ID. Column to show the remote revision in the CfM dialog.


The current revision of the working copy item is shown in bold in the log dialog. The state of the ‘merge non-interactive’ checkbox is remembered across sessions. TortoiseProc returns now 0 after the command finished successfully and -1 if the command failed with an error.

Added blame command to context menu of the status list control. Checkbox to exclude the externals in the Check-For-Modifications dialog. Ability to cancel the « patch all » function. Option to disable the context menu for specific paths.

The status cache handles « runas » now better.

tortoisesvn 1.6

Automated removal of unused log caches. Stefan Fuhrmann – NEW: Auto-maintenance for log caches plus several settings to control its behavior. Log cache supports multiple repositories with the same UUID. Revision graph settings page. Several previously hidden features are now available to the user. The status list control shows the entries grouped by externals tortpisesvn no changelists are present.

Helper dialog to resolve property conflicts. Helper dialog to resolve tree conflicts. TortoiseBlame shows the revision range in the title.


A warning is shown if the user tries to add a file that was tortoisesfn but renamed in case. TortoiseMerge scrolls the views automatically when selecting with the left mouse button down.


In the log dialog filter, a! Column in the check-for-modifications dialog to show the lock date. Context menu to delete and ignore files at the same time. Tooltips in the action column of the log dialog, explaining the action icons.

tortoisesvn 1.6

Shift-click feature for merge tools. The bug-ID column width in the log dialog is now limited to pixels.

tortoisesvn 1.6

The right-drag context menu now only shows « Export » if a versioned folder is dragged for files, the windows ‘copy’ does the same. The right-drag context menu checks whether source and target tortoisesvnn from the same repository and shows the « SVN move » and « SVN copy » commands only if they are.

When only files are selected for « Add », the Add-dialog is not shown anymore but the files are added immediately. 16 revision graph look. Stefan Fuhrmann – CHG: Faster and more reliable revision graph filtering.

The merge wizard is now resizable. Téléchargez Software Obtenez des points pour chargement du logiciel et de les utiliser pour racheter des prix!

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